Corrado Negri

C.E.O. and co-founder

Corrado Negri, a civil engineering graduate at the University of Naples, inherits the passion for engineering from his father, entrepreneur to the lead of one of Italy’s largest and most important companies in the field of major civil and roadworks. Corrado Negri approached the market by taking the first steps in the family business, which was slowly moving its core business to the metal industry by building diesel engines.
However, Corrado Negri is soon an opportunity to continue his work in the field of civil engineering, becoming a major distributor. The economic boom of the early 1980s, coupled with the shortage of dedicated facilities that characterized Southern Italy in those years, makes it one of the pioneers in the creation of large commercial complexes for large distribution, so that in the years to come, Corrado can create a real branch of the family business.
The beginning of Corrado Negri’s business, driven by the desire to invest in commercial areas, is aimed at the design and construction of large commercial complexes and after their sale.
During the late 90s, Corrado and his brother began to transform the company into a real estate company, dealing not only with the construction of real estate, but also with their management, which is currently the core business of the Group. Today, interest has expanded to other business sectors, with particular attention to technological innovation, and ARTIMO is born in partnership with another company, KIRKDAIL, the market leader in automation of business processes.